How to send Certified Mail

Need proof of delivery for your legal or Business documents?

Certified Mail is an additional service added to USPS® First Class mail. The signature, whether wet or electronic, is a legal record that shows your document was received by the recipient.

Certified Mail Green Card 3811

With myMailHouse, you can take advantage of USPS® Domestic Return Receipt (Form 3811), which provides mailers with wet signature evidence of the delivery.

1. Sender 
Side one is traditionally filled out by the Sender and USPS®. It includes the Recipient address and the tracking number given to the item from the post office, With myMailHouse, we take care of everything for you. No more filling out forms and waiting in line at the post office. 

2. Recipient
Side two is traditionally filled out by the Recipient and USPS®. It includes the wet signature of the recipient, the printed name, and the date of delivery, With myMailHouse, you will receive this green card with the wet signature back in the mail, just like you would if you filled it out at the post office.  

certified mail single envelope

Our signature, automated workflow saves you time and ensures your document is in the mail within 1 business day of your upload.

1. Sender address block
2. Recipient address block
3. 2D Barcode
(Used by myMailHouse to manage the automated production process)
4. USPS Certified Mail Barcode
(Required by USPS and includes signature requirements as well as document tracking data)

With myMailHouse, you have three options for sending Certified Mail online


Even in our increasingly digital world, the wet signature return receipt (RR) is still the most widely accepted Certified Mail option in the court of law. If you know you need a wet signature, or you’re unable to find out for sure, the traditional Green Card is your best option for printing, sending, and tracking your important documents. 

Traditional Green Card


When a signature is required on your Certified Mail, take note of whether or not the state or locality pertaining to the document(s) you’re sending allows the use of electronic signature confirmation. If they do, Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) can save you $1.30 per letter, while still providing a legal proof of delivery.

Return Receipt Electronic


No Signature Required Certified Mail is a great way to send important documents you wish to track, but don’t necessarily need a signature on.

No Signature

Upload, Print, and Mail with myMailHouse

Why Certified Mail with myMailHouse?

If you’re sending time-sensitive, legal and business-critical communications that require tracking and proof of delivery, choose myMailHouse. Our signature, turn-key approach ensures the secure printing and delivery of your most sensitive documents, such as:

    • Collection Letters
    • Default Notices
    • Foreclosure Notices
    • Tax Documents
    • Court Documents
    • Bank Documents
    • Credit Report Corrections

And with all of our print and mail services, you’ll benefit from:

  • End-to-end encryption- Our SOC2 facility gives you the peace of mind that your documents containing personal data arrive at USPS® safe and sound!
  • Quick delivery- Our automated workflow guarantees your document is in the mail in 1 business day of upload or it's free!
  • Accurate tracking- We are fully integrated with USPS®, so you can track your documents easily through your personal myMailHouse dashboard.
  • A full digital experience- No stamps. No stationary. No trips to the post office. Once your document is uploaded to myMailHouse, we take care of the rest quickly, conveniently, and securely.

Sending Certified Mail online with myMailHouse is quick and easy

  • Download the myMailHouse app for Windows.
  • Choose the MMH printer or use the Browse button in the tool to open your document.
  • Select the Certified Mail and Signature options, then circle the recipient's address.
  • Click Single Doc and confirm address.
  • Select Next, choose color or B&W from the printing options, then select Next again.
  • Review your order. If everything is correct, select Send. Your mail is on its way!

How to track Certified mail

Need tracking and signature confirmation?

  • Open the myMailHouse tool.
  • Go to the dashboard and click on Tracking.
  • Choose a date range, address, or custom key, then select Search.
  • Click on the recipient list for the Certified Tracking number or download the Excel document to add to your CRM database.
  • Go to USPS® Tracking and enter the tracking number to view signature and tracking information.

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