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Law firms and legal service providers are only as successful as they are meticulous and well-organized. Given the enormous volume of legal documents that are going in and out on a daily basis, law firms need to ensure that when they mail legal documents, everything is well-documented, easily tracked and always available at the ready. myMailHouse provides a simple, efficient and effective solution for firms that need to be constantly prepared and accountable without question.

Simply put, myMailHouse is the market leader in providing efficient, streamlined mailing solutions to firms that need a centralized platform to fulfill their many mailing demands. No other mailing partner offers the combination of product, support, and technology provided by myMailHouse.


Accountable Mail for an Accountable Business

When a law firm needs to send legal documents, they are accountable for those documents at all points in the delivery chain. If a problem arises with a delivery, the law firm needs to quickly and efficiently find the information to resolve the issue.

The myMailHouse platform provides complete transparency throughout the delivery chain. It allows firms to find all needed information on a real-time basis. myMailHouse also centralizes the information into a single, straightforward platform rather than forcing firms to use multiple solutions for multiple purposes.


Certified Mail Without the Hassle

Certified mail is central to law firms and legal service providers. It provides them the accountability needed when dealing with such important documents. The myMailHouse platform eliminates the hassles associated with certified mail by allowing firms to send certified legal documents online, directly from the convenient myMailHouse platform. Firms no longer need to rely on mailroom staff to fulfill this important function.

Whether a law firm needs to mail certified legal documents online, easily track billing invoices, or simply infuse a greater degree of efficiency into mailing operations, myMailHouse has a solution.

myMailHouse is unparalleled in its ability to provide a convenient, straightforward and effective solution for all of a law firm's important mailing needs.

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Urban Lending Solutions is a national provider of fulfillment, appraisal, settlement and call center services. ULS has developed a strong reputation for quality business solutions as a Tier 1 vendor (prime corporation supplier) for some of the largest banks in the United States, helping to meet the banks’ supplier diversity goals as well as boost their delivery performance in today’s ever-changing economic and regulatory climate.

“The myMailHouse tool meets our exacting security requirements and is incredibly easy to use. Our team has reduced time per mail job by 30% or more and with wholesale rates, we are assured the lowest possible cost. Whether you are sending invoices, statements, legal documents or other business critical mail job, I would highly recommend using MMH!”

Armand Massie - COO, Urban Lending Solutions