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Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses are being pushed and pulled in a million different directions. Between a fast, competitive marketplace and not enough hours in the day, small business owners need to be quick, nimble and as efficient as possible. myMailHouse understands the specific needs of small businesses and has created a solution.

myMailHouse is the most convenient, simple and informative mailing platform on the market today.

myMailHouse Provides a Single Platform for Many Needs

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of hiring a staff of employees to handle the volume of mail that’s required in today’s fast-paced environment. For that reason, small business owners must wear many hats at once. myMailHouse helps streamline all facets of mailing for small businesses, freeing up valuable time to tackle the many other responsibilities.

myMailHouse simplifies the often cumbersome demands of a small business. Whether you need to send a batch of invoices or contracts, our centralized platform provides complete transparency and tracking to ensure your documents are getting to their destination.


Online Mail Made Simple

As any small business owner knows, time spent at the post office or mailing center is time not devoted to growing a business. myMailHouse makes it easy for small businesses to use the platform to generate their postage online and send the mail on its way. Mailing letters, flats, and parcels has never been easier.


Always Know Your Account Status

myMailHouse also gives small business owners convenient access to their online statements and receipts. This centralized location makes it simple for small businesses to get a bird’s-eye view of their account activity at all times, day or night.
While other partners might be able to provide particular mailing features and services, only myMailHouse gives small business owners a fully integrated platform.

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myMailHouse - trusted by Urban Lending Solutions for business critical mail solutions


Urban Lending Solutions is a national provider of fulfillment, appraisal, settlement and call center services. ULS has developed a strong reputation for quality business solutions as a Tier 1 vendor (prime corporation supplier) for some of the largest banks in the United States, helping to meet the banks’ supplier diversity goals as well as boost their delivery performance in today’s ever-changing economic and regulatory climate.

“The myMailHouse tool meets our exacting security requirements and is incredibly easy to use. Our team has reduced time per mail job by 30% or more and with wholesale rates, we are assured the lowest possible cost. Whether you are sending invoices, statements, legal documents or other business critical mail job, I would highly recommend using MMH!”

Armand Massie - COO, Urban Lending Solutions