How to mail QuickBook invoices with myMailHouse

No customer email, no problem, send USPS mail with myMailHouse

Although it has more than an 80 percent small business market share, QuickBooks is also the favorite bookkeeping and accounting software for thousands of medium and large businesses. In fact, QuickBooks boasts more than 1.5 million users.

While QuickBooks is convenient and easy to use the online software does not provide users with a way to send their invoices via first class or priority mail. That's where myMailHouse comes in.

Send printed invoices directly from Quickbooks using mymailhouse

Once your QuickBooks invoices are ready to go out, transferring them to myMailHouse is a simple process, and you can even send QuickBooks invoices by priority mail if you wish.
Check out just how simple the process is:

  • Download the app.
  • Click Print in QuickBooks and choose the MMH printer.
  • Select mail options and circle the customer’s address.
  • Click Single Doc. If you choose NCOA/CASS in the next window, you get a postage discount!
  • Hit next, choose color or B&W, hit next again.
  • Confirm your order and hit send. You’re all finished!
Send printed invoices directly from Quickbooks using mymailhouse
More than one invoice to send? QuickBooks and myMailHouse work together for batch processing.

More than one invoice to send? QuickBooks and myMailHouse work together for batch processing.

  • Open QuickBooks and click on the invoices you want to send.
  • Choose the batch options button and the MMH printer.
  • Select the mail option, circle the address and choose multidoc.
  • Free CASS and NCOA will save you postage.
  • Pick full color so your logo colors shine.
  • Confirm your order, hit send and your invoices are on the way.

Whether you want to send QuickBooks invoices by priority mail, first-class or certified mail, myMailHouse offers an affordable and reliable solution. There’s no need to switch from the most trusted name in bookkeeping and invoices just to get your important documents out.
myMailHouse has you covered.

Why myMailHouse?

The many advantages and uses of QuickBooks make it obvious why they’re your first choice in creating important documents, but why should you choose myMailHouse? Designed with compatibility in mind, myMailHouse works seamlessly together with QuickBooks by providing:

  • End-to-end encryption- Our HIPAA and SOC2 facility gives you the peace of mind that your documents containing personal data arrive at the USPS safe and sound!
  • Quick delivery- Our automated workflow guarantees your invoice is in the mail in 1 business day of upload or it's free.
  • Trackable- Our 2D and IMb barcodes provide a legal timestamp allowing you to track your invoices with ease.

If you’re ready to simplify your invoicing process, myMailHouse is the way to go. Once your statements are prepared, we’ll handle all the legwork for you in a quick and convenient manner.


The myMailHouse business mail tool is trusted by more than about 40,000 customers in 5 countries. We serve a wide-range of organizations: SMB to large, highly regulated firms.

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